Sweet cherry update 2019

While peaches did not survive the winter cold, we still have plenty of other fruit, and still hope to have a wonderful season nonetheless. Starting with sweet cherries. We plan on opening u-pick sweet cherries on Thursday, July 4th,. We plan on being open that Thursday – Sunday, July 4th – July 7th, but that will depend on how busy the 4th of July is. If busy, we may have to close Friday, July 5th. We will make that decision after we close the evening of July 4th. While we can never be certain, once open for sweet cherries, we plan to be open every weekend from there on out until cherries are done, depending on availability. However, as most of you know, picking dates can change depending on availability, weather, etc. It is important to continue to check both our website (www.craneorchards.com) and our answering machine (269-561-8651) for the most up-to-date picking information. We update both of these daily, and we always recommend checking the website or calling the answering machine the day you plan on picking to ensure we are open on that particular day. We cannot stress this enough.

As of now, we have an abundance of cherries, and are very excited for our crop this year. With that said, cherries are ripening a little bit slower this year due to the cooler weather. The cool spring and cooler start to summer has pushed back the start of u-pick cherries compared to years past. While the start of u-pick cherries are a little later compared to years past, the crop is still wonderful this season.

As previously mentioned, we did lose our peach crop this season. While unfortunate, we are lucky to have other fruit such as cherries and apples. Some farmers lost an entire season’s income with the loss of peaches, and we acknowledge we are fortunate to have other fruit available throughout the summer and fall. While February’s -16 degree weather did wipe out our peach crop, it fortunately did not damage our trees permanently, and we count our blessings for that.

Apples and corn maze will open Labor Day Weekend. When apples and corn maze start were open daily unless we get adverse weather conditions. Continue to check our website (www.craneorchards.com) for the most up-to-date information. You may also call our u-pick recording at 269-561-8651. Thank you and we sincerely look forward to another great season of cherries and apples.

Rob, Maria, Cody, Taylor and Trevor Crane.

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