2020 Newsletter for Peaches and Apples

We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this unusual time in our country. While this has been a difficult year for businesses and individuals everywhere, we hope that a great peach and apple season can help put smiles on your faces. It is hard to believe that it is almost August, but Peaches are right around the corner. With that said, we have implemented new procedures to ensure the health and safety of all of our customers. We hope that everyone will respect and abide by these new procedures to ensure that everyone, including our employees, are comfortable and safe.

Crane orchards COVID-19 rules:

  1. All customers will have to wear a mask checking in and checking out. Once you are out in the Orchard, this is optional, but recommended if you cannot stay 6 feet apart. We feel like even with these policies, this can be the perfect social distancing family outing. When checking out we ask that only one or two people (two if needed to carry the fruit to the weigh station) at the register/weigh station at a time. We do not want everyone in the family coming up to the scales to check out.
  2. In previous years, we supplied you with golf cart rides if needed. However, this year we will not be able to due to social distancing. We want everyone aware that you will have to be able to walk out in the orchards on your own. 
  3. We will have Wagons for your use but no children will be allowed in the wagons. There will be sanitizing spray for you to use on the wagons. You are welcome to bring your own wagons to give the kiddos a ride and to carry your apples. While wagons have been used in the past to pull your children, we have to limit contact between people, so we ask that you abide by this new policy.
  4. Taste testing will be done safely we will be separating our tables so you can go to different tables to get samples of the various peaches and apples. We do expect the person coming up to get the samples for the family to wear a mask.
  5. If you’re walking through the corn maze this fall, you are not required to wear a mask, but we do expect you to wear one to purchase your corn maze ticket.

This is been a strange year for everyone and we’re sorry we have to implement these rules, but staying compliant and keeping everyone safe is our main priority.

We hope Peaches will be starting in early August. As it gets closer, we will post exact picking dates you can find updated information on www.craneorchards.com or on our answering machine 269-561-8651. 

Fall apples and corn maze start Labor Day weekend. When it gets closer to Labor Day weekend we will update our information. We have a nice crop of honey crisp this year usually we pick them second or third week of September we will post it in advance on our website and answering machine when we start picking honey crisp. 

We look forward to another wonderful season!

Rob, Maria, Cody, Taylor and Trevor Crane.