Apple Storage

Storing Honeycrisp Apples

New research suggests that after picking your Honeycrisp apples, you should store them at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit for five to eight days before putting them in a cold storage at around 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Suggestions for 50 degree storage places:
1. A 50 degree storage place could be in your basement/cellar
2. A 50 degree storage place could be a wine cellar/wine fridge
3. A small air conditioned room

Suggestions for 38 degree storage places:
1. A refrigerator that is turned slightly up (most fridges are at 34 or 35 degrees Fahrenheit)

It is also important to check on your apples occasionally, and take out any apples that are ripening too quickly or are showing signs of some break-down (brown spots or rot). These apples should be removed from the others.

Honeycrisp are different than most apples. Most apples break-down from the middle of the apple. This means you will not see it until the apple is completely bad. Honeycrisp, more often than not, will break down from the outside. This means you can cut out the part of the apple that is bad, and salvage the rest of the remaining part of the apple.

Apple Temperature (Fahrenheit)
Jonathan 36 degrees
Honeycrisp 38 degrees
All other varieties 33 degrees